How to Open a Bank Account in Canada WITHOUT coming to Canada

Protect your Money! Improve Asset Allocation! We can show you an inexpensive effective way to open a secure bank account in Canada.

The need for ways to protect your money has become very important in the last few years and Canada has the world’s soundest banking system. Are you one of the many with concerns regarding asset allocation and protecting your money? Do you have deposit and investment accounts exceeding the banks deposit insurance maximum? I know, your bank is fine, we also thought Lehman Brothers was fine until the 4th largest investment bank went bankrupt in 2008, the largest bankruptcy in US history. It is up to you to protect your own money and assets.

Join the wave of people in choosing to open a bank account in Canada. Many of our clients anticipate acquiring property or are just protecting their assets. Whatever your reasons, this is a smart and secure option to help with asset allocation, and to protect your money. The great news is, if the world’s economies stabilize in the next few years you can always convert your Canadian funds back to your home currency. You are not locked into anything unless you elect to place your Canadian funds into a higher interest fixed term deposit for example. Please read “Open a Bank Account in Canada” and we can help you protect 100% of your money with NO LIMIT.

Check the links on the left for industry specific information. You may be surprised how well we fit in comfortably with your clients and provide an inside track to get the money there “on time” to close the deal. Our participation makes you shine.

Testimonial link: I am very proud of my testimonials. Having helped hundreds of people protect their money over the years, many have generously contributed their experiences to share with you. Please take a few minutes to read these comments.

What will I do for you?

  • Save you money when you or your clients require foreign currency. From replenishing your international bank account to purchasing a holiday home.
  • We pay for your international wires that are valued over $5,000.00. This will save another $30-$40 per transaction.
  • Save time because we control the flow of the funds incoming and outgoing. We don’t have the delays that banks do.
  • Real customer service the way it used to be. I will explain the process and answer your questions with no obligation. When choosing to use my services, I will do what I say.
  • When working with your client I can be counted upon to complete the job and keep you informed as the deal progresses.


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